The discovery of “Hanuman Plover” from the mudflats of Mannar

The Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) is a common shorebird found in Eurasia and North Africa, known for its diverse breeding habitats and migratory behavior. A recent study conducted by a team of scientists from Sri Lanka, China, and the UK, including Prof. Sampath Seneviratne and Jude Janitha Niroshan from the Avian Sciences &威而鋼 Conservation Research […]

Congratulations to Dr. Dilini Abeyrama

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Dilini Abeyrama, who defended her PhD/ Doctoral thesis today at Lethbridge University, Canada. She conducted her doctoral research focusing on the Molecular ecology and genomics of Southern Ocean seabirds, under the supervision of Dr.Theresa Burg. Her subjects include the Yellow-nosed Albertorsess, Sooty Albatross, Kerluglen Cormorant and Gentoo Penguins – dream species for […]

Part 02: Heuglin’s Gull (Larus heuglini)

We reach a key milestone of our bird migration studies in Sri Lanka, as one of our GPS-tagged Heuglin’s Gulls (nick named ‘Manike’) arrives back in Mannar, after completing a full migration cycle; a 19,360 km round trip to European arctic & back.